How is the Transition Management approach applied in Dodowa peri-urban area? Have a look at these short videos!

The first video shows a number of insights and key moments from the first Transition Management arena meeting organised by the local transition team. Participants first reflected on and discussed the main problems affecting their communities. Their inputs were collected and problems were prioritized. In the majority of the meetings, inadequate sanitation facilities, water contamination and improper waste management were mentioned as priority problems. The participants were then invited to discuss the reasons for the persistence of these problems in order to reflect upon their rooted causes and the interconnections between them.


The second video shows the second Transition Management arena meeting, focusing on raising awareness on the value of natural resources, with special focus on water. During this meeting, participants were invited to work in different groups to reflect and discuss the multiple values of water and other natural resources. As shown, participants explained the multiple uses of water (e.g. for agriculture, cleaning, cooking, etc.) and shared experiences related to the proper and improper use of water in their communities.



In the third video, the participants of the Transition Management process are supported to envision the future of their communities in terms of water and sanitation. As described by some of the participants, they desire to have their own water and sanitation services in their houses and to live in healthy and educated communities.



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