Where we work

Our research sites are peri-urban areas or urban poor areas located in Bwaise in Kampala (Uganda), Dodowa on the Accra Plains (Ghana), and in the wards Sombetini and Unga Limited in Arusha (Tanzania). These areas are representative of many urban conditions in SSA.

Moreover, here we have good networks from previous projects. Conditions in these three areas differ in terms of age of the slum, population density, depth to groundwater table, geology and hydrogeology, current water supply conditions, and institutional framework.

The three focal areas serve to carry out detailed research, and to answer most sub-questions related to our research questions. Also, these areas will be transformed into Urban Transition Laboratories in order to carry out Transition Management. However, if needed, and dependent on the question at hand, we will not hesitate to either upscale or downscale the area of interest. Wells developments at the scale of the entire city may need to be taken into consideration, and perhaps even beyond.